Affordable Dental Care

Compassionate and Exceptional Dental Care

Nothing is stronger than your natural teeth.   At Manganello, Family Dentistry, we offer a conservative approach to dentistry, with an emphasis on preserving your teeth, rather than removing them.  We believe in minimally invasive procedures, and prefer to not use the drill unless absolutely necessary. 

At our Greenville, PA dental office, we use digital dental X-rays which reduce the amount of radiation found with traditional x-rays. The digital X-rays also allow us to show patients a magnified view of their teeth on a computer monitor.

Patrick Manganello DMD, John Manganello DMD, and Thomas Bost DMD offer an array of comprehensive services.  Most procedures can be completed at our office. In instances where expertise is needed beyond our own skills, some patients may need to see a specialist. If needed, we will be more than happy to set you in the right direction.